The nature of the industry in which SpillPro SA operates requires the company to approach all its activities with the utmost care as spillages and accident scenes often affect not only our clients but also the communities where these incidents take place. For this reason, SpillPro SA aims to restore these accident scenes to a level often better than before. The safety of the immediate community is our primary concern and all decisions are taken with this in mind. Taking care of the natural environment is also key, therefore SpillPro SA carefully selects equipment and techniques that are proven to be safe to the environment.

SpillPro SA is committed to improving the lives of the communities in which it operates. This is achieved by creating local job opportunities where possible, training staff members in order to enhance their individual skill sets and by supporting a number of projects of NGOs and civil society organisations that share SpillPro SA’s vision and dedication to improving South African communities.

SpillPro SA is also committed to the corporate social investment strategy of the bigger SHE Group.